The Final World War broke out on Earth 50 years ago. The land was ravaged by attack after attack, and select few with the means and foresight took to the stars in search of peace, and a new start far away from the War, fearing a nuclear winter from the inevitable atomic bombs they knew would come at any moment.

Our story begins on the planet Pandora, the last hope of humanity. A collection of the best and brightest from the Western Alliance were sent in an expeditionary mission to found an outpost that could serve as a central base for refugees to come from Earth, and establish a new home. They have been on Pandora for five years now, and have established a city, named Carpathia.

While Pandora’s atmosphere and gravity are close to Earth’s, it is undoubtably an alien planet. The land is rocky and mountainous, covered in sparse low growing scrub, and radiation wells make travel treacherous without proper equipment. Strange electrical storms arise seasonally, whipping up dust and rocks, often causing complete whiteout- sometimes killing those unfortunate enough to be without shelter.

The outpost-city Carpathia consists of just over 10,000 citizens now, a medley of brilliant minds- scientists, engineers, geneticists, mathematicians- and displaced war refugees who managed to squeeze their way on to one of the two ships to arrive since the founding, sometimes legitimately, sometimes… not.

Our players make up a four person peacekeeper pod, one of many units charged with maintaining law and order in the city of Carpathia, often no easy task.

Clean Slate